Chi distribution.


var chi = require( '@stdlib/stats/base/dists/chi' );


Chi distribution.

var dist = chi;
// returns {...}

The namespace contains the following distribution functions:

  • cdf( x, k ): Chi distribution cumulative distribution function.
  • logpdf( x, k ): evaluate the natural logarithm of the probability density function (PDF) for a chi distribution .
  • pdf( x, k ): Chi distribution probability density function (PDF).
  • quantile( p, k ): Chi distribution quantile function.

The namespace contains the following functions for calculating distribution properties:

The namespace contains a constructor function for creating a Chi distribution object.

var Chi = require( '@stdlib/stats/base/dists/chi' ).Chi;

var dist = new Chi( 4.0 );

var mu = dist.mean;
// returns ~1.88


var objectKeys = require( '@stdlib/utils/keys' );
var chi = require( '@stdlib/stats/base/dists/chi' );

console.log( objectKeys( chi ) );
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